You would think that celebrity parents would only buy expensive and useless items for their babies. Well, your assumption about the expensive part would be correct. However, the items that they buy for their kids are actually quite useful. The average parent wants to make sure that they buy the items that are going to be of good quality and that meet the safety standards. That is why they want to make sure that they buy only items that are new since the safety standards criteria changes constantly. However, the one thing that most parents are not concerned about is the brand names unless it is associated with safety and practicality. Not with prestige, the one thing that celebrities are concerned about, which is prestige as well as the item meeting the safety standard. Let’s go over 5 items that celebs have bought for their babies that actually do serve a purpose right now:

The Bloom Highchair – This highchair is one item that you have only heard of celebs buying because it is extremely expensive as it is close to $600. And why spend that much on a highchair, well unless you are a celebrity because you have the money! The advantage of this highchair is that it is incredibly accessible during meal times even more so than a regular high chair that any parent could purchase. Not to mention, it is extremely comfortable. Kourtney Kardashian and UFC fighter Donor McGregor have used it for their kids and they love it.

The Mamaroo – If you have never heard of this item that is because it is the one baby item that celebs have gotten for their babies. This is a comfortable and extremely high-tech baby swing that bounces the baby the same way as a human would while being carried around. That is why this item is so loved by the parents and the babies. The Mamaroo costs at least $200 which is expensive but not to the point that it would break the bank unless you really are short on funds. Many celebs including Mel B who used to be part of the Spice Girls used this item for their babies and loved it!

The Snoo Crib – What is special about this? This crib is special because it has a great feature that gets the baby to snooze right away, unlike most cribs. It is not just extremely comfortable but it gently rocks the baby to sleep which is every parent’s dream. This Snoo Crib will cost you hundreds of dollars and celebrities such as Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher have bought this for their babies, and make it known about the fact that they absolutely love it.

Aden + Anais Diapers, Swaddlers, And Linens – Does your baby need a fancy diaper, swaddler, or blanket? Well if it does the job, then absolutely not, but Aden + Anais is a high-end brand where you are buying blankets for $50 dollars each, and diapers and swaddlers are extremely costly as well. Celebs such as Jessica Alba have used Aden + Anais items for their babies and they would not trade it for the world. Most parents would think it is not necessary to spend so much money on items that are good enough, but celebs don’t have that frugal mindset because they don’t need to worry about money as it is no object for them.

The Diono Rainier Car Seat – You most definitely want to make sure that you get a good quality car seat for your baby because safety is extremely important as you know. However, the Diono Rainier is meant for a King or a Queen because it is not just comfortable but it is made with the most expensive materials, and it is very easily accessible. This car seat make costs at least $400 which is really not necessary to spend on a car seat even though the safety is a big deal. However, this is the one car seat that celebs swear by as this is the only one that they would use for their babies. Victoria’s Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio did not hesitate to buy this for her baby for that reason as well. You may be shaking your head after reading this considering that it is not necessary to buy the most expensive baby items, even if they are practical. However, the average individual would agree with you. But again, money is not an object to celebrities like it is to most people such as yourself!

Polycystic ovarian syndrome(PCOS) is a condition that 1 in 10 women worldwide have that not only affects their fertility but it can have a negative impact on their overall health. The condition is a result of high testosterone levels which causes other hormonal imbalances in the body. The common symptoms of PCOS are irregular or absent periods due to irregular or lack of ovulation, hair growth on the face, back, chest, toes, and arms, acne, thinning of hair, as well as obesity. The condition can be mild, moderate, or severe. That means a woman who is mildly affected by PCOS may occasionally ovulate on her own and sometimes have regular periods and will not have unusual hair growth or acne as well. And, a woman that is severely affected may not get periods, be obese, and end up with all of the symptoms. That would also result in her having to have electrolysis treatments done as well often for hair removal.

However, the good news is, whether a woman has a mild case of PCOS or severe, pregnancy is attainable. But, that also means the following 7 steps need to be taken in order to help make that happen:

1. Limit Or Even Eliminate Refined Carby Foods – The common issue with PCOS is insulin resistance meaning that the insulin does not respond when it needs to break down glucose which keeps the levels up. This only leads to high cortisol levels which will prevent ovulation from happening and increase weight gain. That means white bread, white rice, sugary cereals, candy, potato chips, pastries, and fast food in general need to go or strictly limited to once a week in small portions. Trans fats which is in fast food and in pastries are also harmful for the same reason.

2. Stock Up On Fruits, Vegetables, Dairy, And Protein – It is best to only consume foods that are rich in vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids in order to help regulate hormones. And, full-fat dairy is recommended because it helps with regulating hormones. These foods also are in the complex carb group which are safe because they provide the energy needed without having an effect on the insulin levels.

3. Stay Calm And Keep Stress To A Minimum – Unfortunately, stress is part of life, and if the stress is not properly managed when you are dealing with PCOS, that can only cause cortisol levels to soar. That means it will have a negative impact on fertility due to it preventing ovulation from happening as well as it can cause the pounds to increase as well.

4. Stay Active – It is essential to exercise by at least taking a half hour brisk walk for 5 days a week in order to stay in shape and to help regulate hormones as well. Make it a habit and square away time to get that exercise in.

5. Take Vitamin D – Women with PCOS are more deficient in Vitamin D which also has a negative impact on fertility and hormonal levels. It is best to take a supplement of Vitamin D, or eat food that is rich in Vitamin D such as eggs, fish, and dairy products, or get out in the sun for a half and hour a day.

6. Take In Omega 3 Fatty Acids – This essential fatty acid is found in fish like salmon but it is also advisable to take a supplement each day. This is highly important for not just regulating hormones but it helps with feeling full and helps reduce insulin-resistance as well.

7. Increase Levels Of Chromium and Magnesium – These minerals are extremely important for keeping the hormonal system in the best shape. And, women with PCOS are deficient in these minerals, so they will need to take supplements with these minerals or eat foods that are rich in both such as bananas, avocados, almonds, dark chocolate (70% cacao at least), pumpkin seeds, green leafy vegetables.

If women with PCOS utilize these 7 tips to help them increase their chances of getting pregnant, they will likely be quite successful after changing their lifestyle just after a few months. However, the one thing that all women in this position must do whether they have the condition severe or mild is by making an appointment with their doctor. Sometimes they may need some extra help such as taking Clomid or possibly other fertility drugs in addition to making important lifestyle changes. However, more often than not, women with PCOS are successful with getting pregnant and having healthy pregnanies after these changes are made.